Injury Prevention

Embrace provides a range of effective and tailored injury prevention services to employers, which can result in lower rates of injury and compensation claims; lower claims costs and premium impact; leading to improvements in productivity and performance.

Embrace Workplace Solutions is able to offer the above services in a variety of forms whether it is a single one-off ergonomic assessment or delivering manual handling training to a large group of employees. Services and training packages can be tailored to meet your needs. Embrace is ready to assist you manage your organisation’s workplace health and safety with a view to reducing the impact of workplace injuries.

Embrace Workplace Solutions offers the following injury prevention services:

Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic Assessments


Manual Handling Training


Job Profile & Job Task Analysis

Injury Management and Workplace Rehabilitation

As an Approved Workplace Rehabilitation Provider our role is to facilitate the injured individual’s safe and sustainable return to work (RTW). Embrace works closely with the injured worker including their employer, Doctor, insurer and other treatment providers to achieve this.  Embrace support all parties with advice and education regarding return to work and best practice in injury management.  

Embrace Workplace Solutions can provide the following injury management and rehabilitation assessments to assist:

  1. Initial Rehabilitation Assessment

  2. Early Intervention Assessments

  3. Worksite Assessment

  4. Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

  5. Case Management including RTW program and RTW support

  6. Vocational Assessment; adjustment counselling and support

  7. Home Assessments

Embrace's services and practices are in accordance with WorkCover WA's Workplace Rehabilitation Providers Principles and Standards of Practice.


Initial Rehabilitation Assessment

Working Together

Early Intervention Assessments

Job Interview

Worksite Assessments

Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

Contract Review

Case Management & Return to Work

Designers Working

Vocational Assessment

Woman Working at Home

Home Assessments