Tania Monument the Managing Director of Embrace Workplace Solution has over 20 years’ experience as an occupational therapist and workplace rehabilitation consultant.

The business name ‘Embrace’ comes from Tania’s working philosophy that the best results are obtained by working collectively to create an environment where common agreed goals, empathy and partnering approaches are essential.


Tania has extensive experience in the industry, having worked in an employer based role for 6 years, and over 15 years' experience in external workplace rehabilitation, which gives her a balanced view, enabling her to have an understanding of all party’s needs.

Tania has expertise in both the prevention and rehabilitation aspects of workplace health. This experience has led to the development of strong communication, negotiation and organisational skills, which allow for positive interactions with a range of different stakeholders. This further allows her to provide thorough and concise assessments, offering professional, independent sound recommendations leading to beneficial outcomes for all.


  • Professional Integrity

  • Resolution

  • Distinction

  • Empathy

  • Partnership


To enable people and organisations to realise their optimal health potential, rebuilding and enriching lives and their well-being.