embracing your rehabilitation journey

who are we?

Embrace Workplace Solutions is your trusted partner in the provision of injury prevention, early intervention and workplace rehabilitation.

Embrace is a dynamic, boutique, WorkCover WA accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider based in Perth, WA.

Highly experienced in rehabilitation, Embrace Workplace Solutions provides a range of prevention, early intervention, work rehabilitation and occupational therapy services to clients in both government and private sector.

At Embrace Workplace Solutions we understand that work is a vital aspect of an individual’s recovery and therefore our goal is to provide tailored and optimal injury management with return to work solutions to assist individuals regain their health and achieve their rehabilitation and vocational goals.

what we do

We specialise in injury prevention, early intervention and workplace rehabilitation, catering to a wide range of workplaces and industries across the Perth metropolitan area.



A wide range of effective and tailored injury prevention services for employers, resulting in lower injury rates and compensation claims.

Workplace Rehabilitation

Facilitation of the injured individual's safe and sustainable return to work, supporting all parties with advice and education.

Injury Management

Rehabilitation, early intervention, worksite, ergonomic, vocational and home assessments including case management and return to work programs. 

embracing our core values

By embracing our core values, we aim to deliver a professional, compassionate and resolution driven service for both the employer and injured worker.


Professional Integrity